Comic 11 - The Art Of The Shady Deal
19th Feb 2016, 12:06 AM

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The Art Of The Shady Deal

Author Notes:

Jean_Q_Citizen 19th Feb 2016, 12:06 AM edit delete
That's a way better reaction than Doctor Evil got.

We'd like to thank you all for your AMAZING response to the VDSD/Valentine's Exchange! From 129 to 25 - TWENTY-FIVE!! - in the rankings in just five days. WOW! And record numbers of hits and page views. Pat yourselves on the back, folks, for a job well done! As a thank you, you'll get another NSFW vote incentive on March 1! The top 25 of TWC is an incredible achievement for a comic that just turned two months old. Thanks so much to all of you!


ProfEtheric 19th Feb 2016, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
Harprah Windfall... heh...

I still like where this is going! :D
Zanreo 20th Feb 2016, 1:38 PM edit delete reply
Aww yeah, money!
Shade 20th Feb 2016, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
The magic power of money!
Sturzkampf 23rd Feb 2016, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Humans respond well when the numbers go into millions.