Comic 279 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
20th Aug 2021, 12:16 AM

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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Author Notes:

Jean_Q_Citizen 20th Aug 2021, 12:16 AM edit delete
Alvery and company are shooketh. Will WORLDPOL HQ get tooketh?


Firefly Jelly 20th Aug 2021, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
That's sure the way things looketh!
Jean_Q_Citizen 20th Aug 2021, 4:24 AM edit delete reply
But Alvery's plan is not by the booketh...
SchipLover 20th Aug 2021, 9:19 AM edit delete reply
So her plan will be by hooketh or crooketh.
Jean_Q_Citizen 20th Aug 2021, 11:35 PM edit delete reply
You might say that, but I, wouldn’t.
Microraptor 20th Aug 2021, 9:26 AM edit delete reply
Yo momma super villainess so fat she causes earthquakes!
Jean_Q_Citizen 20th Aug 2021, 11:31 PM edit delete reply
Don’t let her hear you say that!
sigpig 20th Aug 2021, 9:47 AM edit delete reply
I thought Alvary went pooteth...
Jean_Q_Citizen 20th Aug 2021, 11:33 PM edit delete reply
Stirred, but not shaken loose, so to speak.
lirvilas 21st Aug 2021, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
Has anyone ever suggested that your comic is a commentary on our era's conflict between internationalists and nationalists? There's a fair bit of evidence towards this, whether it's intentional or not.

Anyway, I hope Worldpol breaks out their emergency armory of sonic screwdrivers and takes apart those mechanical mooks.
Jean_Q_Citizen 22nd Aug 2021, 1:53 AM edit delete reply
Hmm, I don't know, maybe...

At the risk of slight spoiler-ing, it's honestly probably more of a critique of the current uber-corporate, klepto state of capitalism in general. Tentacos is supposed to represent that sort of thing, wrapped up in a layer of Lovecraftian elder god cult stuff, but that won't be made clear until a bit later.
ChrisH 23rd Aug 2021, 4:45 PM edit delete reply
I hope she doesn’t just fling open the door!
Jean_Q_Citizen 23rd Aug 2021, 6:46 PM edit delete reply
Next steps after 1) Open door...
2) Get on floor
3) Walk dinosaur