Comic 309 - Dad Jokes
11th Mar 2022, 12:23 AM

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Dad Jokes

Author Notes:

Jean_Q_Citizen 11th Mar 2022, 12:23 AM edit delete
Ardrienne gets to work. Work is, of course, insulting her opponents and breaking the fourth wall...yet again.


sigpig 11th Mar 2022, 9:43 AM edit delete reply
The wrong father said "eh?"

If he were Quebecois, he would have replied with a "Tabarnak esti!"
Jean_Q_Citizen 12th Mar 2022, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
Deja vu...
Microraptor 11th Mar 2022, 11:50 AM edit delete reply
Seems Alvery ands Adrienne have in fact more in common than they thought... like ridiculous fathers!
Jean_Q_Citizen 12th Mar 2022, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
Ardrienne: "We are not so different, you and I..."
Alvery: "Really? Ever cosplay as a Dominator from Doctor Who while..."
Ardrienne: "...Just forget I said anything, okay?"
ChrisH 16th Mar 2022, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
Those guys aren’t ridiculously dressed, they just have a sense of style! :p
Jean_Q_Citizen 17th Mar 2022, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
In a manner of speaking.